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Food companies around the globe have entrusted Moody Dunbar, Inc. with supplying world-class peppers and pimientos. Our products are used as an ingredient in hundreds of food products. We meet the exacting quality requirements of many of America's largest food companies.

Our modern processing facilities operate under our own strict guidelines as well as those imposed by a variety of government agencies. We are regularly inspected by AIB and consistently score a “Superior” rating.

We have operated under a HACCP program for many years and are regularly updating our Quality Assurance programs. We have in place an audited “Sustainable Agriculture” program which promotes the stewardship of both human and natural resources to insure the health and security of future generations.

We offer a variety of container sizes up to a 55-gallon drum. We offer a wide variety of styles and cuts or we often can tailor our products to your specific requirement.

All Moody Dunbar products are grown, harvested and processed in America. And yes, we are proud of that.