Roasted Peppers



Peppers, water, salt and citric acid


Roasted Peppers are prepared from fresh, sound pods of the Capsicum annum pepper plant. The pods are roasted by a proprietary open-flame method which produces a unique roasted pepper flavor. After the pods are roasted the pods are scrubbed to remove most of the charred peel. The core, seeds and stem are then removed. The product is preserved via controlled acidification in conjunction with a pasteurizing heat process. This is a commercially sterile (shelf stable) product.


A.     Organoleptic – a unique, smokey sweet roasted pepper flavor
B.     Color – typical bell pepper color
C.     Texture – firm but tender. Some charred skin fragments remain
D.     Style of Cuts – A wide variety of sliced, diced, natural pieces and puree are available
E.     Container Sizes Available: 7 oz. jar to 55 gallon drums


Store under cool, dry conditions. Avoid temperatures above 80°F for long-term storage.