Sweet Potatoes



Sweet potatoes, water, corn syrup and sugar


Canned sweet potatoes are prepared from fresh, sound tubers of the sweet potato plant. The tubers are cleaned, washed, peeled with steam, inspected for defects, trimmed, washed again, sized and filled into cans with syrup. They are heat processed in a retort to produce a commercially sterile (shelf stable) product.


A.     Organoleptic – typical distinctive sweet potato flavor
B.     Color – a bright golden color with little color variation
C.     Texture – uniformly smooth, firm but yielding, not mushy
D.     Brix – not less than 18º (light syrup)
E.     Style of pack – wholes or cuts
F.     Sizes Available: 15 oz. to #10 cans


Store under cool, dry conditions. Avoid temperatures above 80°F for long-term storage.