Fancy Pimiento Cheese

Fancy Pimiento Cheese


• 1 lb. Neufchatel

• 3 t. fresh lemon juice

• 4-oz. jar pimientos, drained

• 1 t. fresh tarragon

• 1 t. + 1 T. fresh dill

• 1/4 c. champagne vinegar

• 2 T. sugar

• 1/4 t. pepper

• 1/4 t. salt

• 1 cucumber, sliced thin.


• Whip Neufchâtel and lemon juice with mixer until soft.

• Fold in pimientos, tarragon and 1 t. dill and set aside.

• Heat vinegar and sugar to a boil, remove from heat and add 1 T. dill, salt, pepper and cucumber slices.

• Let cool.

• To make sandwiches, layer drained cucumber slices with pimiento cheese mixture.

• This cheese serves as a superb accompaniment to smoked salmon, bagels, or as a filling for stuffed chicken breast.

• Roll in toasted almonds to use as a cheese centerpiece or pipe onto a vegetable assortment.